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Why snowboard and ski service?

The reason why is easily explained:

1. Less force effort and less danger of accident

Professional edge grinding promises flat fooded hold even on icy pistes. It saves enery and increases the safety. Altogther it makes sure, that you will have the utmost piste feeling, on which you will not want to abstain anymore!

2. Easier turning and sliding

Optimal structure grinding guarantees a maximum torque and an easy sliding on all snow conditions.

Service in the specialist store

How often you will have a tuning in a specialist store done, depends on the snow conditions, the terrain and the performance level. Magor base- and edge damaging should be corrected as soon as possible.

WINTERSTEIGER suggests a tuning

1. Before your first ride in winter.

2. After about 4 days on piste.

3. And after the season.

Stump, rounded down edges

Stump, rounded down edges or damaging with grooves or cuts. If the edges are used up, skis/ snowboards tend to slide off when turning. Stump edges don't neither provide hold nor security – especially not on hard or icy pistes. Despite regularly private care, the edges need to be professionally serviced in a specialist store.

Damage of the surface

Whenever you check your equipment also check if there is any damage on the surface. Check if there are any scratches or deep groove. Even small scratches can affect the sliding properties when not repaired. Deep grooves which are core deep or run along the steel edges have to be repaired in a specialist shop.

Dry base

The wax will be worn off because of friction when skiing/snowboarding. This makes the base dry, thready and gray. You can maintain the base and improve the sliding quality with application of a new wax layer. At the same time the wax provides protection of oxidation. The wax will especially be worn off on dry snow that is why you should have your skis/ snowboard waxed after 2 to 4 days on piste.

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